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Application Support Specialist

St. Louis MO


Will be given direction, and defined system objectives and scope. May conduct research and fact-finding to help supply information for the development or modification of Information Technology.  Should have a full understanding of the end-products (applications) to support, and has the ability to get up to speed quickly.  May help prepare detailed specifications from which programs will be written, but mainly uses existing programs and/or process to accomplish business needs. Under direction, will use built solutions and/or processes to satisfy the business, and test, debug and update documentation for programs. May be assigned with supervision, some smaller in scale SQL, programs and/or processes to build and/or maintain.  Requires some guidance on projects, and does not deviate from set policies or procedures.  Does all work using Quality Assurance guidelines.


  • Works with senior roles regarding design, standard, and method

  • Exercises good judgment – makes decisions based on knowledge, priority, and value.

  • Self-starter with the ability to grasp new concepts and technologies.

  • Copes well with aggressive schedules and timelines, with the ability to multi-task and meet deadlines.

  • Good communication skills, and mature in nature.

  • Provides end user, and QA documentation as needed.

  • Will be supplied with studies and documentation related to proposed or existing systems showing feasibility.

  • Maintains the highest degree of personal and professional ethics.

  • Supports existing business processes, and may help build information system solutions under direction from management, supervisor, and/or project lead.

  • Interacts professionally with the users of the potential system to gather requirements.

  • Under direction, supports, troubleshoots, and tests software systems using software tools, utilities, languages, and standard methodologies approved by Management, Software Development, and the Quality Assurance team.

  • Provides support to assist users of developed systems to utilize functions of the system.

  • Updates documentation for all developed systems as needed, so that they may be maintained and supported via the Quality Assurance document guidelines.

  • Troubleshoots mainly, and may be assigned to Reprogram developed systems from given requirements to correct malfunctions or defects while updating existing documentation.

  • Advises management on technical topics related to improved capability of company information systems.

  • Continuous Improvement – Works to be in a position to Analyze and propose alternative solutions to computer systems problems.

  • Recommends appropriate system design and programming solutions to management, and/or supervisor.

  • Strives to achieve the highest possible quality with the lowest possible cost to the company by using Quality Assurance guidelines for all development work.

  • Promotes a spirit and culture of teamwork by helping others and building an environment of strong mutual respect between users and coworkers.

  • Approaches priority projects with a sense of urgency and realization of the value of their work to the success of the company.

  • Works toward the timely achievement of measurable results. Strives to meet all project, task, and personal commitments.

  • Promotes efficient use of company funds by continually looking for ways to cut and/or avoid costs.

  • Continually looks for ways to improve both products and services offered by IT.  Takes the initiative to work with manager and/or supervisor to satisfy company needs.

  • Proactive learns technologies that will be used in the future.

  • If assigned any build tasks, will create solutions using inheritance, standard classes and/or objects to reduce duplication and maintenance.  Will continually keep Senior level programmers and IT Management up to date and involved with adds, changes, and/or issues.

  • Proactively works to accept more tasks and responsibility throughout the year.

  • Will achieve over 95% of assigned goals with a grade of “Attains” or above – see Goal document


Knowledge and Abilities: Bachelor’s or Associates degree (or equivalent experience) required, with emphasis in computer science (business or math) preferred.  Basic knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle, software version control, and web-based and client server programming techniques.  Production system knowledge and excellent customer service skills needed.  Ability to learn quickly.  Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Ability to work with users to define and solve problems associated with PC hardware and software products.  Able to follow decisions regarding defined tasks.  Must be a self starter with attention to detail.  Company Business type data experience is a plus 

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