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Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics; STEM is our niche and we are masters of our craft. Can you say the same about yourself? Whether you are actively looking for a better career opportunity, or thought you had enough until you found your way here, Search Ingenuity is here to show you that an even better opportunity might be just beyond the horizon for you. So, why not take a peek and see? What have you got to lose anyways, it's absolutely free to you! The only thing we ask you to invest is your time, honesty and dedication.


Our clients invest in us, because we invest in you. We interview every candidate, check references; provide resume review, critique, and editing when needed; and we even provide career coaching and interview preparation for candidates that are strong matches for our clients needs. We take pride in our ability to build solid working relationships with our clients and our candidates. We focus on all parties involved; it's not a win unless we're happy, you're happy and our client is happy. We do our jobs with integrity, and invite you to contact us today if your work ethic is the same. 



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