December 7, 2017

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Recruiter or Search Specialist?

July 5, 2017

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Top Tech Talent is Getting Harder to Find as We Approach 2016

Let’s face it, hiring top tech talent is harder than ever these days. With CIO’s and system integrators facing minimal supply at a period when innovative startups are cherry-picking the best recruits; hiring managers must put forth their due diligence in order to find the best candidates to staff their IT and engineering departments. But, this can be incredibly difficult even for the most skilled and experienced hiring manager.  Anyone who has been on the HR side of the technology and engineering industries can attest to the fact that there are unique challenges in hiring professionals within these industries.  The simple truth is, these candidates need to be recruited in a different way than typical candidates in other fields.


What Are the Biggest Challenges in Sourcing Talent?


Top tech candidates have endless options in where to work, which means organizations have to go above and beyond during the recruitment process to ensure that the best of the best choose to work for their organization. Based on the amount of time, effort, and innovation it requires to source these prime candidates as technology advances, it becomes extremely challenging for many hiring authorities to achieve this.  The longer a position stays open, the more challenges this can present for a company. Most of the time when a company has a staffing gap, the other employees eventually suffer. Most of the time when a critical positon becomes vacant, one or more employees are left to pick up the slack. The longer the position remains unfilled, the more likely these employees are to become frustrated if they don't see any increase in pay for the additional work they are having to endure. They may also resent having to work harder for free while you benefit from having reduced payroll expenses.


The other problem with an empty role is that seeing it can cause employees to worry about their job security. This can lead to reduced productivity or to increased turnover. A new hire doesn't just bring new energy into an office, it also helps to prevent existing employees from being burned out and over-stressed. Avoiding this ripple effect is the main reason why it is so important for hiring managers to be on their “A” game when trying to fill a valuable position within your organization. However, most hiring authorities have many responsibilities to juggle outside of finding talent for an open position, which leads to them being stretched thin in an area where their full attention is needed in order to achieve optimal results. The great news is that there is a proven solution to this problem. 


A Solution to the Problem


When a company is struggling to find viable candidates, this may mean engaging a search firm to find top talent instead of trying to fill the job (s) on their own. Unfortunately, there are some negative connotations associated with utilizing this sort of partnership for many companies and their hiring authorities. A lot of times the company thinks they can't afford the fee, when in all actuality the cost of using an outside source to find the best candidate, usually ends up being more affordable than the alternative to leaving the position open for too long, or filling it with a mediocre candidate. You see, the beauty to using a search firm that really knows what they are doing, is that they have certain advantages in the industry that your organization and hiring authorities may not.  Unlike a full-time Hiring Manager, a search firm is hired specifically for the task of finding the right person for the job so that the company can make more money in the long run. They also end up being a more available liaison between the company and the candidate for hire.


Isn't a "Search Firm" Just A Recruiter With a Different Title?


Another road block for most employers when deciding whether or not to use outside assistance in their job search efforts is that they have either been burned by a recruiter, or they have heard enough about them to avoid using them entirely. Sadly, employers are not educated enough to be able to differentiate between a recruiting agency and a search firm. But, there are some distinct differences. Employers here the word "recruiter" and immediately assume they are just out for a fee without any care as to finding the best fit for the company long term. While this may be true for many recruiting agencies, it is not like this with all. Those that choose to separate themselves from this negative connotation, have to go above and beyond to set themselves apart; and it is more than just a title.


A search firm that prides itself on being extremely direct in their line of questioning of potential candidates since their main goal is to not only find a person who meets the job requirements, but also the companies needs. This is their specialty and they know exactly what to ask in order to weed out the undeliverable candidates; and they know exactly what to do in order to prep the best candidates so that they put their best self forward when engaging the company that is hiring. Search firms don't just wait for active candidates to come to them based on a job listing, they go and find passive ones using innovative techniques and approaches. They know that the best candidate for your job, might not even know they are better off working for you than where they are currently at.


A solid search firm goes out of their way to understand their client and bites the bullet if needed in order to satisfy their clients needs long term. By asking the right questions, to the client and candidate, they are able to gauge who is worth presenting and who is not. They won't try to fit a square peg into a round hole for a quick buck. They are researchers, analysts, and diggers of information; not people mills. They are a hunter who knows when to take the shot, and when to wait for something better. They search and they do it well. This title fits them well, better than recruiter. Sure, there are probably recruiting agencies that follow these protocols as well, but most don't want to be attached to that title anymore.


Can Hiring Managers and Search Firms Work Together?


Since the one goal that hiring managers and search firms share is the need to fill positions with qualified personnel, why do they sometimes end up being frustrated with one another? More importantly, is it possible for the two to work together toward a common goal? 

Oftentimes, the differences that arise between the two are due to discrepancies in their perspectives and their specific approaches to hiring. While hiring managers desire to hire the best person for the team, they are also often concerned about obtaining team members who are going to work with them to reach the goals of the business. Unlike a search firm, their focus is not filling the position, but rather in assembling a team - and how the hired individual will fit into their company. The truth is, both perspectives are equally valuable. The great news is, the two can work together in a collaborative partnership if the search firm chooses to work as a guide and tries to provide value through helping the hiring manager succeed in finding the right person for the job. This requires using effective communication and active listening. This is where Search Ingenuity comes in. 


Why Search Ingenuity, LLC is Your Best Option for Sourcing Top Talent


Search Ingenuity is a highly specialized search firm with an emphasis on the STEM industries; Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. We focus on building long-lasting relationships with our clients and candidates, which is why we take the time to understand our clients’ needs and work effectively with them, not against them. We are a young and innovative company that stays on top of trends in the STEM industries, and in the recruitment industry as well. We are constantly striving to find new ways to approach the search, and we work hard to stand out from the rest by maintaining our integrity, even if it means losing a deal. We always focus on a win-win-win mentality. Everyone involved needs to be happy in order for a placement to be a success for us.


At Search Ingenuity, we manage the candidate for you. We know that as an HR professional, directly calling a passive candidate often results in offhand behavior, unreasonable demands, and no shows for interviews. Sadly, candidates usually have the upper hand in the hiring process. However, Search Ingenuity eliminates this completely. We put our clients in a position of power by taking over this process for them and pre-screening, prepping and positioning every candidate we present with hunger and excitement for the job. Our client’s job is simply deciding which one is going to be the best of the best for the position. If this is a position you desire to be in as you move forward with the hiring process, we invite you to engage in a casual conversation with us on how we can help you achieve this. There is no obligation, and even if you choose not to work with us, you may still walk away with a new found knowledge and perspective after connecting with us! You have nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain.

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