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Controls Engineer - TX

Dallas, Texas

The Project Engineer is the primary point of contact for the customers on the projects that they are working on. This person will interact with the clients to gather business requirements. The Project Engineer participates in project planning and kick-off meetings to better understand the project deliverables and keep track of project activities. The Project Engineer reads all the project specifications and prepares High Level Technical Architecture and Component level architecture. They study the conformed plans and specifications for the projects in detail and makes necessary comments.

Key Responsibilities

Project Requirements:  

- Gathering and specifications study 

- Coordination with Panel Workshop for Panel Building 

- Creating submittals and approvals 

- Virtualization of Control Systems 

- In-house Control logic and HMI development, Unwitnessed and witnessed Factory Acceptance Tests (UFAT and WFAT) 

- Control system installation and commissioning at Client site 

- After project support and punch lists, troubleshooting of Automation Systems 

- HMI Workshops and Operator Trainings, Automation Control system audits


The Project Engineer will be required to gather customer requirements, analyze them, build project execution plans and then subsequently ensure that they deliver per the specifications and plans outlined by him/her and the end client. This person will have to apply their decision making and critical thinking skills to achieve these goals. They will need to be involved in hands-on and technical tasks to able to assist team. The Project Engineer will have to use their complex problem-solving skills to trouble shoot and fix in case the solutions provided by him/her does not fit the customer & rsquo;s specifications. This will need expertise in various technical Software Suites like Rockwell Software, Schneider Unity Pro, VTScada and VMware. The position requires a candidate who has grown up on control system architecture platforms and has developed a technical level expertise as the position requires a lot of guidance and sometimes hands on troubleshooting of these technical platforms.

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